Questions & Answers (FAQ)  

Your question is not here? No problem, please write to us at spiritofeuropeorigins@gmail.com and we will get back to you!

Create an account

1) How can I create an account on the platform? 

Once you accessed www.thespiritofeurope.eu, use the “Register” button on the top right part of the page to get started. After pressing the “Register” button, you will be greeted by the registration page. Here, you have to enter a username, a password as well as some extra details like your e-mail address, your first name and your surname etc. Once you are done, press “Create my new account”.

*Note that your password MUST CONTAIN one upper case letter(s), one number and at least one non-alphanumeric character such as #, ^, $.

After creating a new account, an email will be sent to you prompting you to “activate” your account. Access the link for your account to be activated. After confirming your account, you will be prompted by the Login page. To continue, enter your credentials and click the “Log In” button.

Install and play the game

2) How can I install and play the game: The Spirit of Europe - Origins? 

In order to play our game, you need to follow a 2-phase procedure, described HERE. Please make sure you follow all the steps in order to install the game correctly and benefit from all the updates, later on. 


3) How much does the game cost? 

The game is free to install and play thanks to the support of the ERASMUS+ programme and the effort of the project team.


4) It is mandatory to enrol on the course in order to play the game? Why?

Yes, given the context of our project, you need to register on our platform, enrol yourself for the course: The Spirit of Europe - Origins and follow all the activities within the course: take the initial quiz, play the game and finally, complete the final quiz/assessment. The entire process is meant to help you assess your initial knowledge as well as your final one, once you have played our game.

The main aim of our game was to develop an immersive simulated environment commonly known as a video/digital game, in which the learner travels through Europe’s history, from its mythological beginnings to the present, actively participating in key events throughout the history and mythology that shaped today’s Europe. This approach ensures the implicit acquirement of values in addition to learning Europe’s history and mythology, culture and civilization.

5) What about the initial assessment quiz? When do I need to finish it?

You need to take the initial assessment quiz before playing the game. You won't be able to play the game without completing this initial assessment quiz.


6) I can’t play the game, my computer does not support it/I have a MacBook, what should I do?

You can try on another computer with Windows. Our game only works on a computer or laptop with Windows. You can find the minimum system requirements on our Steam page, here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1689280/Spirit_of_Europe__Origins/.


7) Do I get a certificate? Why?

Certificates of participation will be issued if you successfully finish the game. The option to download your certificate will be activated once you explore the entire course: The Spirit of Europe - Origins, meaning you take the initial quiz, play and finish the game and complete the final quiz/assessment.

Why do you get a certificate? Our game is seen as a learning context, as such you get a certificate as a proof of your newly gained knowledge. Enjoy your reward!